I’m temporarily ceasing new posting here.

I still post very regularly about Christian social justice and social change. I also post about ethical internet marketing and white hat search engine optimization that reflect more Christian oriented values at my Creative Fusion SEO blog from Nashville, TN.


The Devil Came on Horseback…a documentary about the genocide in Sudan

Check out the YouTube trailer!! Its very visual and compelling. (sorry the imbed function wasn’t working) 


Obama’s….”What If”

I posted about hip-hop, the Jena 6, Darfur, and other pressing political issuess…

Check out my post about hip-hop and the other key issues at Compassion in Politics. I also have some posts about Andrew Meyer and Chris Crocker as well as a post about a new Free Hugs Campaign in Santa Monica.

Help Clinton change the world at My Commitment.org

You can check out the organization’s website here at My Commitment.org. Alternatively, I think Volunteer Match has an easier interface to navigate, so it might suit you better.

The Democratic debate…the quick version from TPM Cafe

Candidates address Iraq, Iran, and other issues. What did you think? Who won? Who was the best advocate for progressive values?

“Don’t Taze Me Bro” The political ramifications of the Andrew Meyer incident on college campuses like UCLA

I ran across this YouTube video of a rather huge student protest at UCLA about the police brutality issue. It troubles me that one of the speakers decides to use the word “neo-nazies” to describe hate groups. I’m afraid it says more about American society’s numbness to phrases like “hate speech” than it does about his individual choices. Very passionate and compelling rhetoric. What do you think of the second speaker’s rhetoric? What do you think of the original Andew Meyer event which took place at the University of Florida? What does the event say about our culture?

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